AECI Mining Explosives is able to offer the latest market leading technology and services.

With our intelligent suite of services and through customer collaboration, we are able to manufacture a highly applicable suite of product ranges like bulk explosives, packaged explosives, initiating systems, blasting accessories and delivery systems, which are mutually deployed with our customers to maximise blast outcomes anywhere on the globe.



We provide a series of explosives for use in both underground and surface mining applications. Our suite of Surface Bulk Explosives is amongst the best researched and developed in the market. With the environment foremost in mind, the Eco series has been specifically developed to optimise the available benefits to surface mining through the use of recycled oils. The Eco series also provides products with high energy's and adequate in-hole stability.

Our emulsion technologies and initiating systems combine to optimise safety while improving blasting efficiencies in a variety of surface and underground mining applications. Even under the most trying blasting conditions, our proven technologies deliver tangible benefits to its customers across the entire mining operation.

Through our strategically placed network of depots and manufacturing facilities, we are able to provide a full series of explosives and services to the most remote customers in the African and International markets. This includes a wide series of specifically formulated Emulsions, Watergels, Drygels, Anfex and Non-detonating solutions.


Underground Bulk Emulsions

One of our on-going success stories is its Underground Bulk Systems. Our technologies continuously evolve through introduction of fit- for-purpose emulsion formulations which are augmented by its delivery systems. The base emulsion and sensitising agents are stored separately on the manufacturing units and only mixed during charging of the blast-hole. Ancillary equipment such as surface storage silos, vertical drop systems, transfer cassettes and transfer pumps make up the 'system' required to deliver emulsion explosives.

The underground bulk system is specifically designed to optimise safety and create an explosive free mining environment.


Packaged Explosives

The packaged explosives portfolio includes a wide series of specifically formulated Emulsions, Watergels, Drygels, Anfex® and Non-detonating solutions. The product basket covers an energy range from low To high and is renowned for its performance and reliability within the harshest of conditions. Our niche products include permitted explosives (fiery mines), perimeter control in underground blasting application and pre-splitting for high wall control in surface mining applications. We provide technical support through well-trained and highly skilled staff to manage customer needs in all mining applications.


Initiating Systems

As a provider of a comprehensive series of commercial explosives and services, our extensive portfolio of initiating systems and global manufacturing capability offers world class solutions for all mining applications. The suite of initiating systems includes electronic, nonelectric (shock tube) and electric detonators, as well as a comprehensive series of boosters, detonating cords and starters-all of which fully complement the company’s entire series of explosive solutions.

Reinforcing our position as a value add solutions provider, we are fully equipped to offer technical support and services globally providing customers a turnkey solution and complete peace of mind.


Electronic Delay Detonators

In conjunction with high-tech electronic initiating system developers, DetNet, have pioneered and spearheaded the development and production of electronic detonators since the early 1990s.

Electronic initiation systems enable functions that traditional pyrotechnic systems lack. Besides the immediately obvious benefits of reduced environmental impacts such as blast induced vibration and overpressure (air blast as a result of scatter); the systems increased timing control allows for accurate blast modelling and optimisation of the initiation sequence before triggering the blast.


Electric Initiators

We offer 2 different types of electric detonators, the Instantaneous Electric detonator (IED) and the Electric shock tube starter. It is a low cost yet reliable initiator of primary blasts by firing lines of shock tube, detonating cord, black powder and secondary blasts.



Our suite of accessories compliments our intelligent range of products and ensures the quality outcomes expected with a successful blast.


Industrial Products

Our products include solid and liquid Ammonium Nitrate (AN), nitric acid, 25 % ammonia solution as well as anhydrous ammonia, all of which are conveniently sourced from our industrial hub in Gauteng. Our industrial products are known for their consistency when it comes to exceeding quality standards and carry the technical support of a team of highly skilled employees. The reliable supply of high quality industrial products forms an integral part to any mining or chemical process operation. We have positioned oursleves as the leading supplier in this space by having a proven track record of security of supply due to various dual redundancy initiatives.


Surface Bulk Emulsions

Our Surface Bulk Explosives are specifically designed with the end-user in mind. Safety, environment and efficiency are the driving force behind our formulations. We consider surrounding communities, geological anomalies and the environmental impact to name but a few.

For mining areas with hot-hole and reactive ground, we have available products and processes.

These products are delivered and sensitised down the blast-hole using our series of mobile processing units (MPUs).

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