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    Blast Consult

AECI Mining Explosives' Blast Consult team is a division of highly skilled engineers who assist both our frontline and mine teams, to ensure that blasting is conducted efficiently and cost effectively.

The Blast Consult team have developed IntelliHub:

This software system is a receiving and launching platform for both its own suite of predictive software and links to enable data mining, interrogation and application of methodology. This predicts and automates the analysis of data pertaining to improved blast outcomes, to improve stripping rates, waste overburden and to improve recovery of minerals.

Our approach is not to own the data but have an open architecture environment in which customers can add or remove software modules to their needs, as well as, the ability to import data from other software packages and to export data from IntelliHub to other software platforms.

Our team takes the utmost care in designing blasting solutions that are not detrimental to people or the environment.

We’re constantly doing research to ensure we use the latest technologies to ensure continuous education around design blasting solutions for optimal results.

Our Mining Optimisation makes use of the following three factors to ensure customer satisfaction:

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