AECI Mining Explosives Product Services include the following:


AECI Mining Explosives Product Services provides Down-The-Hole services on the bench and on-time. We assist with measuring holes and managing quality checks during preparation of the blast application. Our explosives are extremely flexible and cost effective.

Prime, Load, Tie and / or Shoot (PLTS)

PLTS services includes Down-The-Hole services as well hands-on experience and knowledge which addresses the requirements of customers that face resource and construction constraints. Deploying AECI Mining Explosives' PLTS service empowers customers with higher levels of convenience as AECI Mining Explosives' technical teams become part of your production, planning and blasting operations.


This service is ideal for customers who prefer to give AECI Mining Explosives full responsibility and control with the planning and executing of the blasting. These services include effective blast preparation, thorough charging and timing of operations, stock control and labour supply, as well as dedicated and experienced AECI Mining Explosives' staff.

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